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TCBM is an Industrial and Intellectual Property consulting boutique born from the incorporation into Bianchetti & Minoja, a historic IP consultancy firm specialising in patenting with outstanding expertise in the chemical, pharmaceutical, life science and biotech sectors, of Trevisan & Cuonzo IPS, an IP consultancy firm specialising in the engineering sector.

TCBM combines the experience of one of the most renowned intellectual property consultancy firms in Italy, Bianchetti & Minoja, founded in 1976 by Prof. Giuseppe Bianchetti, with the expertise of Trevisan & Cuonzo IPS , in order to offer Italian and international clients specialist advice across all fields of industrial and intellectual property, with a concrete and business focused approach aimed at empowering the IP portfolios of companies.


TCBM offers Italian and international clients specialist advice across all fields of Industrial and Intellectual Property, with a concrete and business focused approach aimed at empowering the IP portfolios - trademarks, patents, designs - of companies.

TCBM’s patent attorneys work alongside companies to protect their technological innovation insofar as it represents a powerful driver of competitiveness and a crucial part of the company’s assets. Starting with the drafting and filing of patent applications, TCBM’s patent attorneys work closely with the client to define the most effective strategy for securing the broadest possible scope of protection.

TCBM’s trademark attorneys and consultants operate in Italy and Europe, as well as internationally, through a network of consummate and carefully selected intellectual property advisory firms, to design and ensure the most effective strategies for brand protection and maintenance. Every day TCBM provides expert advice on highly complex issues, such as trademark opposition, invalidation actions and revocation.

Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) serve to extend the duration of a patent right, to encourage innovation by rewarding the efforts to obtain the authorisation needed to put medicinal products on the market. Thanks to our experience in pharmaceuticals, TCBM deals with the filing and prosecution of SPCs in Italy – since their first enactment.

Industrial design is embedded in almost everything around us, from smartphones to computer mouse, from furnishings to lighting fixtures. TCBM provides comprehensive assistance in the registration and management of designs, with national and international Intellectual Property organizations. TCBM’s design team handles every aspect associated with prior art searches, filings, response to official actions, renewals and litigations.

All TCBM's professionals have extensive experience in out-of-court litigation, which they can handle independently or with the support of IP lawyers, and in court litigation, working alongside lawyers in drafting case documents or as party technical experts. TCBM professionals are often appointed as CTUs by the judges of the Specialised Sections on Industrial Property of the Courts.

TCBM offers complete assistance in the registration in Italy, with EPO, WIPO and EUIPO, and in the various foreign countries of variations in ownership, due for example to sales, mergers, incorporations, changes of denomination, and any other operation, of securities industrial property. TCBM assists its clients in protecting intellectual property of a creative nature also through deposits with the SIAE.

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Sectors of Expertise

TCBM boasts a team of highly experienced professionals able to provide advice and assistance in all industrial and commercial sectors. Working on a daily basis with clients, we help ensure they achieve their business goals, overcome criticalities and secure the vital competitive advantage offered by IP protection.



TCBM provide fundamental assistance in the most diverse sectors of the chemical industry to many of the most important companies in the sector operating on the national and international scene.


Electronics and IOT

TCBM represents some of the main operators in the telecommunications, electronics, and development start-ups for new technologies, assisting them in cases of international importance.



TCBM assists many of the most important pharmaceutical companies on the national and international scene in all aspects of industrial property, thanks to the experience gained in over 45 years.


Lifesciences and Biotechnology

TCBM assists in all aspects relating to industrial property many of the most important pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on the national and international scene, and has become the Italian point of reference in the life sciences sector.


Mechanics and Automation

TCBM assists SMEs and multinationals operating in all mechanical and automation sectors in matters relating to patents, trademarks, industrial design, product liability, antitrust and complex commercial disputes.


Bioengineering and Medical Devices

TCBM offre un’assistenza completa e qualificata in tutti gli aspetti di tutela della proprietà intellettuale nel settore biomedicale, che rappresenta oggi uno dei mercati tra i più innovativi e dinamici della moderna economia.


Consumer Goods and Services

Strategic consultancy and litigation in and out of court in commercial, advertising, product liability and intellectual property matters are among our specializations.


TCBM's team consists of professionals with established and proven experience in key industry sectors along with a group of highly experienced paralegals.


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