Patents are key to encouraging and protecting innovation in the competitive pharmaceutical field where complex scientific and technical challenges are compounded by regulatory, ethical and social issues.

In over 45 years of activity, TCBM has acquired in-depth knowledge of the industry, working in an advisory role with national and multinational pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industries, manufacturers of active ingredients (APIs), universities, and public research institutes.

Our consultants have proven expertise in all types of inventions: new chemical entities, processes, formulations, therapeutic indications, plant-protection products, etc.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with national and EU legislation governing patent extensions (SPCs, paediatric extensions, SPC waivers, PTEs, etc.).

Our consultants make it their business to keep abreast of SPC legislation, an extremely complex area under constant evolution following numerous decisions of the European Court of Justice and national and foreign courts.

With its extensive knowledge of the different local regulations, TCBM assists pharmaceutical companies to define the best patent filing and SPC application strategies in both Europe and the rest of the world.