The world has gone from the Perkin forge in the second half of the 19th century to Ziegler-Natta’s stereotactic polypropylene, from liquid crystals to superconductors and green chemistry. The chemical sector is in constant ferment. Sector studies confirm Italian chemical companies to be more innovative than the average manufacturing company, an all-important feature since technology transfer to other industries is a prerequisite for the continued development of high-tech infrastructures.

TCBM’s in-depth knowledge of all aspects of this dynamic sector, consolidated by decades of experience assisting the full range of industry players – from large, small and medium-sized companies to public and private research institutions – means we are in a position to assist our clients from the very outset of the innovation process, handling prior art and freedom-to-operate searches, competitor analyses, and integrated IP protection strategies, through to comprehensive patent portfolio management, drafting, filing and prosecuting international patent applications, and providing assistance in the event of opposition and litigation.

Catalysts, superconductors, adhesives, high-tech polymers, building materials, synthesis, extraction and purification processes, analytical methods, dyes, cosmetic, agrochemical and food products, nanomaterials, and composites are just a few of the areas where we have helped clients protect and manage their inventions. Indeed, solid intellectual-property right protection is a major prerequisite for a competitive market where innovation drives know-how transfer.

With the invaluable combination of far-reaching scientific expertise and more than ten years’ experience as industrial-property consultants, TCBM can provide clients with fundamental assistance in the most diverse sectors of the chemical industry.